Payment Options at West Side Books.

West Side Books’ direct online business is fairly modest, so we go with the simplest possible solutions:

PayPal lets you use your credit card (or your PayPal account) to send us payment for your books, which we’ll pack and ship soon after the transaction comes through.  It is as secure as any site in the world. Click below and follow the usual online payment routine. Don’t send money until we’ve given you a final price (with modest shipping costs and tax, if required).

Q: Why does the button say “DONATE” (?!?!!!)? As much as I love West Side Books, I don’t want to make a donation to a retail store.

A:  PayPal assumes a seller has a fixed price list for every item they sell, and we’ve got too many distinct books to do it that way (over 30,000 new, used, and rare books).  So, we’ll provide a price, with shipping, by phone and/or email, and you’ll pay that sum as a “donation,” which allows you to type in whatever specific price we’ve agreed on with you.  ”Donation” is the only standard Paypal option that permits this.

Take our emailed price and this promise as reassurance that this is not a “donation” as such:  you’re purchasing the books you discussed with us, and we’ll get them right off to you.  The “donation” name is a quirk of the PayPal system, and we don’t make enough online transactions to justify paying for dedicated credit card processing. (Though we’re getting there.) If it bothers you, let us know, and the feedback may push us toward setting up a more customized payment solution.

Other options:

  • Give us your credit card number on the phone, if you’re comfortable doing that. Our staff are trustworthy, and they’ll type it into the keypad without writing it or recording it anywhere. Your choice. 303-440-0220.
  • Or send a check, if you’re not in a hurry. Whatever suits. If we’ve got your book, we’d like to sell it to you in whatever way you feel comfortable with. Thanks, always, for coming to West Side Books, in person or online.