Flavorama: A Guide to Unlocking the Art and Science of Flavor (Hardcover)

Flavorama: A Guide to Unlocking the Art and Science of Flavor By Arielle Johnson, René Redzepi (Foreword by) Cover Image

Flavorama: A Guide to Unlocking the Art and Science of Flavor (Hardcover)

By Arielle Johnson, René Redzepi (Foreword by)


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An irreverent, accessible, essential guide to the science of flavor and how to use it in your own kitchen, from the food scientist-confidante of some of the world’s best chefs, Arielle Johnson, with more than 75 recipes—plus a foreword by René Redzepi.

“Arielle changed the way that I think about flavor, and in these pages, she will do the same for you” (René Redzepi, chef of Noma).

Meet Arielle Johnson—she’s a flavor scientist (she loves flavor so much, she got a Ph.D. in the subject). She spends most of her time helping chefs better understand what’s going on beneath the hood of flavor and make delicious new foods. Now, with Flavorama, she shares this invaluable knowledge with home cooks everywhere. Mixing equal parts fun and braininess, Arielle dives into how chemistry, sensation, and craft unite to create flavor, distilling what flavor really is (molecules!) and how to get it to work for you (spotting patterns, breaking rules) in an easy-to-digest handbook.

You don’t need a lab or a professional kitchen—or even a background in science—to get something out of the science of flavor. With Flavorama, you’ll be able to easily finesse flavor while cooking to give any dish a little oomph, easily swap out an ingredient for one you have on hand, use a recipe or technique to improvise something new, or boldly replicate a flavor. Out of basil for pesto? Pivot and use mint, shiso, or tarragon—all are members of the same “herbal-aromatic” flavor family—for a new-but-somehow-familiar herb sauce. Or add a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkling of flaky salt to chocolate ice cream— a simple hack for deliciously complex flavor. Included are 99 recipes so you can hit the ground running with your new science-of-flavor knowledge: 

  • An Algorithm for a Minimalist but Excellent Dressing for Lettuce
  • Umami-Boosted Cacio e Pepe
  • Chilled Soba Noodles with Grapefruit
  • The Meatiest Slow-Cooked Meat
  • Panela-Coconut Iced Coffee
  • Pineapple Caramel Sauce
  • Burnt Scallion Butter
  • Under-appreciated–Spice Pumpkin Pie

Cook with the creativity, confidence, and flexibility of a world-class chef and learn how to unlock the flavor potential of your ingredients, create your own dishes, make your own bitters, ferment your own miso, and much, much more. Charming illustrations and diagrams drawn by Arielle herself accompany this indispensable guidebook to flavor town.

Arielle Johnson, Ph.D., is a flavor scientist who consults for some of the top chefs and restaurants in the world. Co-founder of the fermentation lab at René Redzepi’s Noma in Copenhagen and Science Director for Noma Projects, Arielle is a former Director’s Fellow at the MIT Media Lab and Science Officer for Alton Brown’s Food Network show, Good Eats: The Return. She has lectured on food and science at SXSW, Tales of the Cocktail, WIRED, and the Harvard Science and Cooking series, and her writing on the subject has appeared in the Los Angeles Times and Lucky Peach. She lives in New York City. Follow her on Instagram @arielle_johnson.

Product Details ISBN: 9780358093138
ISBN-10: 0358093139
Publisher: Harvest
Publication Date: March 12th, 2024
Pages: 320
Language: English

“Arielle Johnson’s Flavorama is the “everyman’s” food science book we’ve all been waiting for, even if we didn’t know we needed it. Dr. Johnson delves into every aspect of flavor, how we sense it, create it, and control it, in a way that will elevate the culinary game of all who read it. Fun, clear, and uber-approachable, Flavorama instantly vaults to the top shelf to take its rightful place at the right hand of Harold McGee. If I didn’t love it so much, I’d be green with envy.” — Alton Brown

"I’ve known and admired Arielle Johnson and her work for more than a decade. Arielle is that rarest of flavor scientists, as experienced in restaurant kitchens as in the lab, and a skilled translator of the chemistry into clear and useful advice for any food lover. I can’t recommend Flavorama highly enough: it’s essential reading for anyone who’s serious about understanding deliciousness and how to create it." — Harold McGee, author of On Food and Cooking

“Count yourself lucky to be alive in the time of Dr. J. She has dedicated her life to understanding the aspects of food that others write off as mystical or inexplicable. And now she’s taken the time to explain them, bestowing us with the tools to harness and understand flavor. It’s as though an advanced alien civilization has deemed us worthy of faster-than-light technology. You’re lucky Arielle’s one of us, and you’re even luckier to be holding this book.” — David Chang, founder of Momofuku