Thick Skin (Paperback)

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By Oparah
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Fiction. LGBTQIA Studies. California Interest. After Nneka, a young Nigerian-American, is dumped and abandoned by her partner Jacob, she undertakes a ritual of thickening her skin physically and spiritually--with mud, knives, tweezers, and a questionable form of therapy. Nneka's healing process is as layered as the emotional abuse of her interracial relationship and embodies all the ways we hide, obsess, flail, fail, and finally carve our way toward feeling and healing. This heavily metaphorical novella, inspired by the author's experience, mines meaning from memories and half-lived moments. Told in vignettes, from the perspective of a someone-turned-no-one, it grapples with the question: who's responsible for the wreckage?

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ISBN: 9781732325197
ISBN-10: 1732325197
Publisher: Kernpunkt Press
Publication Date: April 6th, 2021
Pages: 156
Language: English