The Theory of Money and Credit (Paperback)

The Theory of Money and Credit By Ludwig Von Mises Cover Image

The Theory of Money and Credit (Paperback)

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This must-read classic on currency and credit covers the three areas of key interest -- the nature of money, the value of money, and money and banking. Economist and philosopher Ludwig von Mises presents his "Theory of Money and Credit" by first looking at the nature and value of money, why there is a demand for money, and how it is used as currency. He goes on to explain the purchasing power of money and how it determines economic and monetary policy, often in a way that results in financial melt-downs.

Never in modern history has there been a greater need for this book and others like it. All of its ideas and principles are coming true right before our eyes in today's economy and its problems.

Product Details ISBN: 9781774642290
ISBN-10: 1774642298
Publisher: Must Have Books
Publication Date: March 8th, 2021
Pages: 166
Language: English