Blowin' My Mind Like a Summer Breeze (Paperback)

Blowin' My Mind Like a Summer Breeze By Benjamin Roesch Cover Image

Blowin' My Mind Like a Summer Breeze (Paperback)


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Fifteen-year-old Rainey Cobb never thought meeting someone could actually change her life. But, then again, she's never met anyone like Juliet.

It's 1995 and The Cobb Family Band, led by Rainey's rock star parents, has arrived for a week-long gig at the Midwestern resort owned by Juliet's family. Dazzled by Juliet's carpe diem attitude, DIY tattoos, and passion for grunge, Rainey falls hard. And when Juliet gives Rainey a mixtape that unlocks her heart's secret yearnings, Rainey starts seeing herself-and her vagabond, show-biz life-through new eyes.

If Rainey quits the band, her parents' fading career might never recover. But if she doesn't leap now, she might be stuck forever in a life she didn't choose...and always wonder who she could have been.

Product Details ISBN: 9781777666835
ISBN-10: 177766683X
Publisher: Deep Hearts YA
Publication Date: July 22nd, 2022
Pages: 286
Language: English