Dibujar Paso a Paso (Hardcover)

Dibujar Paso a Paso By Taschen (Editor) Cover Image

Dibujar Paso a Paso (Hardcover)

By Taschen (Editor)


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Drawing is one of the oldest cultural techniques of mankind, which has lost none of its fascination to this day, which is also due to the simplicity of the means. All you need for drawing is a sheet of paper and a pencil--and of course a good eye and fun with visual design. This practical and versatile drawing course describes all the important basic techniques of draughtsmanship--including sketching, shading and dotting. Doug DuBosque shows how to use structures, patterns, shadows and lines of all kinds in a skillful way to give drawings vitality, originality and depth. Young and old artists alike are enabled to create their own fantasy worlds by conjuring up wild jungle and steppe animals, tiny ants, frightening dinosaurs, noble knights or racy sports cars from ovals, circles, triangles or rectangles. With more than 1000 illustrations and practical hints, keen would-be artists can learn step by step how simple ovals, circles, triangles, rectangles and squares can turn into wild animals of the jungle and steppe, fearsome dinosaurs, tiny ants, classy sports cars, noble knights and dangerous dragons. In addition, learners get an introduction to perspective, so that their drawings will have spatial depth and three-dimensionality. There are numerous tips and tricks to help the readers gradually to make their drawings look more realistic.

Product Details ISBN: 9783836587402
ISBN-10: 3836587408
Publisher: Taschen
Publication Date: November 29th, 2021
Pages: 384
Language: Spanish