Life Is Strange: Steph's Story (Compact Disc)

Life Is Strange: Steph's Story By Rosiee Thor, Katy Bentz (Read by) Cover Image

Life Is Strange: Steph's Story (Compact Disc)

By Rosiee Thor, Katy Bentz (Read by)


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The official origin story of LiS fan-favourite Steph Gingrich featuring LGBTQ+ romance, inevitable heartbreak, and the punk-rock beginnings of Drugstore Makeup.

Setting the stage for her appearance in Life Is Strange: True Colors, this official Steph Gingrich novel sheds light on the Drugstore Makeup years and the story of how Steph crash-landed in Haven Springs, Colorado.

Steph Gingrich has finally run out of couches to surf. Now she's back at her dad's place in Seattle to figure out what she wants to do with the rest of her life.

When running an RPG session for her local gamer caf , Steph meets Izzie. Izzie is electric: a punk, a girl who likes girls, and a hella good guitarist. Steph finds the punk life is exactly what she needs, she loves the music, the art and the fashion, but most of all she likes the girl. Entranced, she offers to drum for Izzie, forming the band Drugstore Makeup.

A hit in more ways than one, Drugstore Makeup compete in a battle of the bands before deciding to tour the offbeat punk venues of America. But Steph and Izzie soon find themselves on different wavelengths, unable to communicate, and wanting different things.

Product Details ISBN: 9798212377942
Publisher: Blackstone Publishing
Publication Date: March 21st, 2023
Language: English