The Influencer: In Which Professor Molly Learns There Is, In Fact, Such a Thing as Bad Publicity (Paperback)

There's no such thing as bad publicity. Until it happens to you.

Professor Molly's new renter is a social media star seeking privacy in remote Mahina, Hawaii. The arrangement seems to be working out--until the celebrity influencer vanishes. Molly and her best friend Emma Nakamura call in the Mahina PD and try to stay out of the way. But the unthinkable happens-the saturnine Detective Medeiros actually asks for Molly and Emma's help. As they confront nosy neighbors, fanatical followers, and the missing woman's has-been husband, Molly and Emma find themselves at the center of the story. And when fame creates its own reality, that's a dangerous place to be.
Product Details ISBN: 9798744176372
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: April 25th, 2021
Pages: 398
Language: English
Series: Professor Molly Mysteries