Love You, Love Your Hair, Hope You Win - Valarie Abney

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Love You, Love Your Hair, Hope You Win by Valarie Abney

You’ve come to West Highland Place, a special place and time where community means riding the highs and navigating the lows of life together. At the center of the block is Harry, the neighborhood’s “big toe” as one of the neighbors calls him. An ambassador like no other, Harry greets new residents and is the undeniable heart and soul of a street that is so much more than just a place to live. We learn of the lives of random personalities, who converged on one city block, where a cocoon of community turned their flaws, expectations, plans, desires, disappointments, and delights into unexpected wings. But Harry’s good cheer hides challenges, some he can overcome and some he cannot. He’s called to receive the goodwill and love he’s extended to so many people as he faces his biggest challenge.

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